My weekly lunch meeting at the Rotary Club of Scottsdale, has become a regular and welcome part of my life. One of the many benefits of Rotary Club membership is the luxury of being able to travel the world and never miss a weekly Rotary  meeting.
Club members are welcome and encouraged to visit clubs while traveling to make-up the meeting missed back home.   Yet, even the most dedicated Rotarians find it hard to achieve that loftiest of club goals -- 100 percent attendance.  My husband and I like to travel, so making up meetings during our travels has become a regular and welcome part of my life. In the last couple months, I had the chance to visit Killarney Rotary Club, in Killarney Ireland and Lake/Minocqua Noon Rotary Club in Minocqua Wisconsin. 

Before each trip, I search the website to find clubs (including Rotaract and Interact) that meet near our travel location.  I jot down the contact names, phone numbers and meeting locations/dates.  When I get to my travel location, I call or email to ask if the club is meeting on the date I am able to attend. 

When I visit, I always ask the club members to give me an overview of their fundraisers and their community projects.  The Lakeland/Minoqua Noon Rotary Club met at a quant lakeside supper club in Wisconsin’s North woods - surrounded by stately red pines, and views of Patricia Lake, as well as, whitetail deer.  Members were excited tell me that they raise money running food stands at community events (i.e. the rump-roast run); that they built and maintain bike paths, a park band shell and an aviary; and annually hold cookouts with outbound exchange students.  They were excited to share that their District 6220 May 16-18, 2013 Conference will highlight family activities and their headliner will be Bill Cosby – see .  

The Killarney Rotary Club met at the Malton Hotel, where one  experiences the romance and grandeur of a bygone era in one of Ireland's most beautiful hotels.  The club members told me about their afternoon tea and fashion show held at the Malton; Killarney young musician of the year competition; Pond Hockey event; RYLA leadership awards; and upcoming wine and art event. 

Remember to take a club banner with you to exchange - the two clubs I visited shared their district magazine and Club brochures.  E-clubs provide another option for a make-up: Spend 30 minutes on a e-club’s site.  Once on a club's site, just click the link for make-ups and follow the simple instructions.