Scottsdale Rotarians enjoyed a wonderful banquet put on by the Camelback Inn and entertainment by two groups:  the Spotlight Youth Theater's Pitches and Tones singing and dancing troupe and the Hurtcounty Bluegrass Band.  First, the Pitches and Tones troupe performed singing and dancing numbers with professionalism and enthusiasm reminiscent of a Broadway musical, belying their young ages.  Then, President John officially opened the holiday party with a welcome, two invocations respecting two of our ancient traditions, the pledge of allegiance, and then the  program was turned over Dr. Joe Hegstad who lead the group for three carols.  Then, the Hurtcounty Bluegrass Band performed bluegrass numbers that enthralled everyone.  The children in the audience were then convened on stage to sing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer which ushered in Santa Claus who handed out presents to all the good boys and girls.  A wonderful Holiday Party was had by all, thanks to the Camelback Inn, Dr. Joe Hegstad, Meredith Munger, Craig Miller, Patti Miller for coordination, and all those who made the event so special.

The Holiday Party also featured an announcement by Bob Murray of the Club's commitment to the Bob and Louise McCall Visual Arts Scholarship Prize.  The announcement was particularly poignant as Louise McCall and her daughter Lindy attended the party and had donated a signed print for donations of $1,000 or more.  The first Scholarship Prize will be awarded in April along with six other higher-education scholarships to worthy Scottsdale-area students.

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