Scottsdale Rotarians' semi-annual Park Day was rather unusual.  First, a SNAFU (ask Park Shaw what this acronym means) resulted in the City not securing our usual ramada near the Hann-designed Unity Plaza...Scottsdale Insurance beat us to the punch.  Ed Adler and Ken Brown, our grill kings, showed up early to start the barbeque and found the interlopers in site.  Ed and Ken quickly reconnoitered the situation and assessed that we could move to the other ramada on the other side of the playground and further, they made an arrangement with Scottsdale Insurance to use the big grills at our usual ramada.  Diplomatic kudos to the two of them.  Kudos also to our sponsor, The Sugar Bowl and Carroll Huntress III who did a fantastic job of the food.  Don't forget to take your out-of-town guests to this local legend.  In a way, the other ramada, though smaller, allowed for more benches to extend out in one direction so we got lemons and made lemonade.

Our meeting was also unusual in that we had a unique program with handlers from Liberty Wildlife and their friends, a golden eagle and a bald eagle.  The eagles were walked around the whole group so that we could all get close to them.  Something is particularly touching in coming so close to America's national bird and symbol.  It was all a Park Day we will not soon forget.  (Thanks to Dr. Honora Norton for the photo montages.)