Youth Mentoring
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Youth Mentoring

Youth Mentoring is a new youth program offered by Scottsdale Rotary Club. It is composed of two useful ways to assist the high school student prepare for a job, career, or education. The program is designed to help students who are planning to immediately enter the job market, enter a trade or vocational school, or enroll in a college or university after high school.

High school students involved in other Rotary youth programs may apply to spend one hour interviewing a professional in the student’s Dream Profession. The students will be able to seek guidance and advice on the career opportunities, education required, what it takes to get a first job, and personal insights on the student’s Dream Profession.

90% of graduating students do not have a mentor. Many students have never met a professional in their field of planned post high school training or education. High school counselors are focused on college choices/applications and are often not equipped to counsel students in depth on a specific career field.

Rotary has a wide variety of career choices represented in its membership. Upon being accepted into the program, Rotary will seek members or other professionals who wish to mentor the student and are willing spend one hour being interviewed by the student. The student will be invited to attend a Rotary meeting with their mentor.

High school students wishing to apply for the program or to learn more about it are invited to email

Whether applying for a part time job, a summer job, a full time job, a scholarship, or entrance for post high school education, students will undergo an interview. Those who perform well have the advantage: presenting oneself well is the difference between success and failure. Interview counseling will benefit the student throughout their lifetime. Rotary offers high school students an opportunity to learn how to do well in an interview.

Mentoring students on how to successfully interview is done on campus in small groups. Students interested in participating should contact their College and Career Counselor to schedule a session with a Rotarian mentor.